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New Marketing Strategies for Dry Cleaning Businesses


Do you have a dry cleaning business and need a way to grow in your area? That’s where an effective laundry service marketing strategy comes to play. While dry cleaning businesses are unique and profitable, you can only gain from it by marketing your services to potential and returning customers.

If you’re unsure of what laundromat marketing strategy best for your dry cleaning business, we relay new and effective ones below, so read on!

1. Build a Well-Designed Website

No matter what laundromat marketing strategy you’ll implement, you’ll likely always drive people back to your business website. This is the heart of any digital marketing campaign, which is why you must set an excellent first impression from there.

Your site design should reflect your business, so we recommend a clean and modern website using your brand’s colors and elements. It’s best to create a style guide, which includes your image styles, design color choices, call-to-action button style, graphic styles, and font choices.

Of course, don’t only focus on making your website attractive. It should be functional and create a positive user experience. This means creating a fast-loading website that caters to mobile users!

2. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Your marketing should include search engine optimization, which involves improving your website’s ranking on search engine results pages to drive targeted traffic.

94% online experiences begin with a search engine, so you can expect people to turn to Google to find a nearby dry cleaner! If you don’t bother with SEO, you’re likely missing out on valuable traffic.

There are many ways you can have your site rank higher in search results, from keyword research, creating engaging content, earning backlinks, and the list goes on.

3. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Local SEO and solid search presence is crucial for a dry cleaning business. If people search for dry cleaners, they are searching for one nearby. If you don’t optimize your business for those search results, you are missing out on opportunities to drive potential traffic to your location!

You can begin improving your local search presence by claiming your Google Business Profile. When someone searches for local businesses on Google, they will first see a box that contains listings of relevant businesses nearby. This is prime real estate that helps drive more traffic into your business!

When you claim your Google Business Profile, verify your name, address, and phone number. Then add important information such as your contact details, address, operating hours, photos, a short blurb about the business, and your business category. The more information people get, the more likely they would want to choose your business!

4. Content Marketing is Key

Another important strategy you can follow is content marketing, which allows you to share your expertise with your target audience. This will help establish yourself as an authority in the dry cleaning industry. As a result, it can engage customers and drive them to your business!

Wrapping It Up

Don’t wait any longer and consider any of these strategies for your business now!

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