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How to pay less income tax in 2023?


All taxpayers are subject to a 10% reduction on their salaries. Instead of this exemption, it is possible to remove the actual costs that you actually pay. An effective way to reduce your tax each year. The trick is not to just subtract mileage or meals. You will find here the list of all the actual expenses deductible from the salaries that exist.

Tip for adult children: make the right statement.

If you have an adult child, several tips are possible to reduce the tax. On the one hand, you can choose whether it is more interesting to keep it dependent or choose to take it out of the tax household. On the other hand, you can opt for the deduction of a pension if he makes his own declaration. Here again an optimization exists: you can deduct the actual pension if you pay him money or take advantage of a lump sum pension if the child lives with you . If your adult child is still old enough to be attached to the tax household, you can read: how to reduce tax via pension with an adult child? Note that the lump-sum pension deduction also applies if you are hosting a relative.

Study the deductions reducing the reference tax income 2023

Lowering your taxable income is sometimes not the right solution. It is worth dwelling on the concept of reference taxable income. The lower it is, the more likely you are to get state aid. The most glaring example is the abolition of the housing tax. This will depend on the reference tax income. You can study this article which answers the following question: can you lower your reference income tax to be exempt from housing tax? To go further, you will find the list of tips that allow you to be exempt from housing tax.

Pay less income tax depending on your family situation.

Did you get married or civil partnership in 2022? Good news, you will be able to optimize the tax return. The first year, you have the choice between making two separate declarations or a joint declaration. Take the time to do the simulations to pay as little as possible. Be careful, even with income differences, it is sometimes more judicious to make a separate declaration. The complete study of the tax year of Pacs/marriage is here.

If you have children and you live with your partner, two tips can reduce the tax. On the one hand, you can choose where to attach the children (to Monsieur or Madame). Take the time to do a simulation, it is not necessarily wise to put them on the person who earns the most! At the same time, you can deduct a spousal pension. A technical point detailed in our article on the taxation of cohabitants with children. Note that you can take advantage of 2022 to make a transfer between cohabitants in order to have your 2023 proof vis-à-vis the tax authorities!

Discover my guide: everything there is to pay less tax

Living alone can allow you to have an additional half share, which lowers the tax by several hundred euros. Living alone means for the tax authorities to be neither married, nor in a civil partnership, nor in cohabitation, but that is not enough: you must also have one or more dependent children to have the half-share for a “single parent”. If this is not the case, the fact of having raised a child alone for 5 years also entitles you to a half share if you live alone. The conditions to be met to have a half share when living alone are detailed here.

Tip for volunteers of an association in 2022: You are entitled to a tax reduction.

The fact of employing a person at home entitles everyone to a tax credit. This means that 50% of the expenses you incur for help at home will be returned to you by the tax authorities even if you do not pay tax! Please note that the rules differ depending on the assistance you receive (gardening, DIY, cleaning, etc.). Take the time to study the best way to declare a home helper to obtain a tax credit.

If you have a child under the age of 6, you can declare childcare costs (crèche, nanny) to obtain a refund of 50% of the sums paid. Be careful to fill in the box correctly, the tax authorities trap you here by indicating the amount but you must fill it in on the online declaration. The procedure and conditions for declaring childcare expenses.

If you want to invest to reduce your tax without going through real estate, you have several options. On the risk-free investment side, the PERP (popular retirement savings plan) currently replaced by the PER is one of the only ones available and allows you to prepare for retirement. On the other hand, the sums will be blocked and it is a deduction: you only earn according to your tax bracket. Take the time to study all the advice for opening a PER . This one aside, you have plenty of tax-saving investments if you invest in 2021. The problem being that they’re all locked in for several years and come with a significant risk of capital loss (you can get back a lot less than what you place). We can list:

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