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How to raise funds for an association?


Fundraising is a term used more by entrepreneurs. It is an operation that allows the company or the start-up to increase its share capital thanks to the contribution of money from investors. In return, the investor receives shares or shares.

However, an association , like a company, needs funds from its creation to develop and carry out its projects . Subsidies are generally not enough to carry out an associative project, whether sports, school or charity.

But how to raise funds? What funding should be put in place to raise the money necessary for the proper functioning and development of your association? Here are 5 ideas that can help you finance your association and achieve your goals.

1 – How to raise money? One-time or regular donations

Raising funds can be done throughout the year but it is important to think about it at the start of the school year. The first idea to recover money in order to develop the association’s projects is to recover one-off or regular donations .

Most major associations operate on this principle: Unicef, Médecins sans Frontières, the Women’s Foundation… All of them offer their members the option of making a donation at a specific time or a donation every month.

Regular donations are a monthly commitment on the part of members up to a few euros. If you multiply the regular donations, you will have the chance to have a good visibility over a year.

At the beginning of the year, when joining, give a form to your members and future members offering them to make a one-off or regular donation to help the association. Do not hesitate to communicate on this possibility throughout the year. possible Our Hello Asso platform makes it easier for you to collect donations thanks to a page dedicated to your members.

2 – Organize a fundraiser through an event

Fundraising can be done with the help of your members but also with external funding. You can organize events and take advantage of them to raise funds useful for the development of your association or foundation.

The manifestations can be of different natures depending on your core business:

We make the organization easier for you with the possibility of selling your tickets directly on our Hello Asso platform. You can raise funds by selling entrance tickets (or raffle tickets) but also thanks to the refreshment bar and snacking during these events.

3 – Fundraising strategy: patronage and sponsorship

Patronage and sponsorship operate on the basis of a partnership with companies , generally local. The company makes a tax-deductible donation and gains visibility as a partner in the association’s communication.

For example, the sponsor can be flocked on the jerseys of the team of a sports club. The company logo will also be present on posters during an event and on the website of the association as a partner.

You can also find investors or business angels like a start-up, but the main difference is that they won’t get shares, only visibility. However, it has a use for their CSR, consider putting this argument forward.

4 – Raise funds quickly on the internet: crowdfunding

Crowdfunding or crowdfunding campaign is a great one-time way to raise money for a particular project.

Thanks to our platform, you can create your crowdfunding announcement on which you will present your association and your project. Crowdfunding works on the principle of compensation based on the amount given by the Internet user. Choose the rewards you will offer (poster, tote bag, free entry to an event, etc.). There is also an end date to predict: it is a one-time event.

For your crowdfunding campaign to be successful, don’t forget to communicate about the project in order to create maximum commitment and achieve your objectives (social networks, website, newsletter, etc.).

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